The Holgate Academy Staff

    Mr N Holmes
    Executive Principal
    Ms S Forsey
              Ms J Smith
    Vice Principal
    Mrs D Hardy
    Vice Principal
         Mr R Ellis
         Assistant Principal
          Mr M Lees
          Assistant Principal
           Miss S Mann

           Heads of Faculty

 Mrs K Colman
Associate Principal
Head of Communication (Including English, MFL and ICT)

Mr C Wilson
Head of Maths

 Miss H Chauhan
Associate Principal
Head of Science and Technology
              Mr D Cook
         Head of Humanities

Mr G Lambert
Head of PE and The Arts

           Post 16 Team

Miss H Bickerstaffe
   Head of Post 16
         Miss L Elliott
      Assistant Head of
             Post 16

           Heads of House

   Mr H Diamond  
  Head of Clumber
 Miss J Chapman
   Head of Rufford
     Miss M Berry
 Head of Sherwood
      Mr A Topp
 Head of Thoresby