Academy Uniform

At The Holgate Academy everyone in Years 7 to 11 is expected to wear the following each day:
Blazer: grey blazer with Holgate badge, should be worn to school daily. 
Trousers: These are to be formal black bootleg or straight leg (6-8 inches in diameter) 
Please note that Hucknall Sports is our recommended supplier of all uniform including trousers.
The following styles are not permitted:
  • Leggings
  • Jeggings
  • Jeans
  • Tight fashion style
  • Cropped trousers
  • Skinny Trousers
  • Lycra or elasticated materials
  • Additional zips or other embellishments.
Skirts: These are to be black 'A' line and ON THE KNEE.
The following styles are not permitted:
  • Tight fashion style
  • Lycra or elasticated materials
  • Additional zips or other embellishments.
Students who present in items that are deemed to be not part of the uniform code will be sent to Student Services. Parent/carers will be contacted to request the correct item to be brought to school. Students will be expected to borrow items form student services whilst the situation is resolved in order to minimise missed learning. 

Failure to comply will result in loss of social time and other sanctions if deemed necessary.

White Shirt and Tie: a plain white shirt with a formal collar should be worn. All shirts should be able to fasten the top button (V necked blouses are not acceptable). A clip on school tie should be worn correctly up to the top button and under the collar. No coloured T shirts should be worn underneath the white shirt or be visible at the neck and waist. 
School Jumpers (Optional): a plain black jumper with the school badge.
Footwear: plain black formal shoes should be worn daily. Shoes should have no coloured logos, patterns or coloured laces. Toeless, backless, trainers, canvas footwear, fashion boots, high heels or plimsolls are not acceptable.  Plain black socks/tights should be worn.
Coats: Suitable outdoor coats will be required: sports tops, hoodies, track suit tops or cardigans are not acceptable.
If students do not comply with any of the above, uniform will be loaned until the end of the school day. It is vital that students wear the correct full uniform every day. 
PE Kit:
Outdoor green and black shirt 
Indoor green and black shirt 
Green football socks
Black shorts
Black plain tracksuit bottoms
Football boots (when necessary) 
Indoor green and black shirt
Black sweatshirt
Black shorts
Plain black tracksuit bottoms
Football boots (when necessary)
Make sure you label your belongings
Students are expected to bring their PE kit to every practical lesson. If a student forgets to bring their kit, they will be expected to change into spare, clean borrowed kit and participate as normal. Students being excused from the lesson due to illness will need to give their PE teacher a letter from their parents/carer but will still be expected to change into kit and help the teacher run the session. 
If a student persistently fails to adhere to the PE kit policy then they will be subjected to the PE Faculty’s disciplinary procedure. Uniform can be purchased at Hucknall Sports. 
To complement our uniform we wish to promote a business-like approach. Therefore the following are NOT allowed:
  • No shaved patterns, lines or sculptured hairstyles.
  • Subtle and natural hair colourings only. 
The Academy will notify students and parents of any breaches in regulations.
Nails and nail varnish
Students say that nail varnish is an expression of their individuality. However, we want to cultivate pride in their appearance by wearing uniform correctly and being suitably formal in their appearance. To recognise the growing maturity of secondary school students they will be permitted to wear a single plain nail varnish colour. 
In addition, we are aware that false nails or nail extensions can pose a risk for practical activity. Therefore, these are banned for all students. All types of false nails are not permitted.
  • single plain nail varnish colour
  • garish, sparkly, multi-coloured styles will not be permitted
  • Students will be asked to remove those colours/styles deemed unsuitable immediately with nail polish remover
  • No types of false nails/nail extensions are permitted.
If a student comes to school with nail extensions they will be isolated during break and lunchtime to minimise risk until the extensions are removed. This may mean restricted access to some practical subjects.
We understand the importance of developing self-esteem and self-image for our students, therefore subtle make-up can be worn students. 
  • Foundation/Blusher, if worn should be of the natural skin colour range and lightly applied 
  • Eye makeup and lipstick must be in the natural muted, nude range of shades.
If the Academy deems the makeup too obvious then students will be expected to remove it. 
In the interests of safety and security no jewellery should be worn at school. All piercings are forbidden with the exception of one small plain pair of stud earrings. If students do wear jewellery to school they will be asked to remove it and could well have it confiscated. Students are advised to avoid new piercings until the summer break. 
The following are not permitted:
  • Bracelets/bangles
  • Necklaces
  • Rings
  • Facial piercings 
Social time will be removed for those who fail to comply.