Behaviour and Rewards

Here at The Holgate Academy we pride ourselves on positive behaviour and attitude to learning. Every year our students accrue thousands of achievement points for positive aspects of classroom conduct.
However, for the small minority of students that present challenging behaviour, a clear sanction system is in place. This is our Consequences Pathway. 
Weekly Threshold:
30 minute detention and report for one week
60 minute detention and report for one week
Cumulative points:
Tutor contact with parent
House Leader contact with parent
Parent meeting- House Leader/tutor/House Learning Mentor, where appropriate


Joint House Leader/Senior Leadership Team meeting
These students will be considered for Governor’s Disciplinary Panel meeting
Individual subject areas will also take action at the following points:
Cumulative points:
Class teacher to call home to discuss issues leading to negative points
Letter from Faculty Leader explaining Faculty report/behaviourcontract will be put in place


Faculty Leader to contact parent by telephone
Faculty Leader to hold parent meeting (with class teacher)
Faculty Leader to refer to House Leader for negotiated joint action
Refer to Senior Leadership Team for a parent meeting
House Team Detentions:
These detentions will take place on a Monday and Wednesday nights.
Senior Detentions:
Should students fail to attend detentions they will be given one more opportunity to attend. Failure to do so at that point will result in a 2 hour Senior Leadership Team detention on a Thursday night. Click here for more information.
The Consequences Room:
We will continue to run our Consequences Room as an alternative to Fixed Term Exclusions or for students who:
Are abusive to staff
Are caught smoking
Refuse Faculty Isolation once they are removed from the classroom for poor behaviour.
Please note that this room runs until 4pm.
Behaviour for Learning - Classroom Expectations
Students are expected to contribute positively to life at The Holgate Academy. Should their behaviour or presentation fall short of those expectations, the Academy Behaviour and Uniform Policies will apply. Please see the website for the full policies. 
Behaviour for Learning - Rewards
All students can earn positive points for good behaviour, work and contribution to lessons.
Year 11 - Year 11 students are working towards a target of 1000 points. Once at that point, they can claim their reduced prom ticket or leavers hoody.
Attendance Rewards - Each half term attendance rewards are awarded to a form in each House.
Tutor Awards - Each half term, by nomination, tutor commendation letters are sent home to the most deserving students.
Gold VIP Club - In return for positive points accumulated over the year, students receive Bronze, Silver and Gold certificates at 500, 1000, 1500 points. Students that hit 1500 join our Gold VIP Club with their own Gold member’s badge.
Celebration of Achievement - Houses hold a yearly Celebration of Achievement evening, where pastoral and subject awards are presented. A fantastic event to end the academic year!
Behaviour for Learning - Consequences
Our Behaviour System came into action from September 2014. Please click here for a presentation of this.
Unacceptable Behaviour - Bullying
At Holgate bullying of any form will not be tolerated. All reported Bullying will be taken seriously. Bullying is never acceptable.
If you suspect your child is being bullied by another child or group at school report it immediately.
Call the office 0115 9632104 ext 267 or 209 between 8:30am and 4:00pm. Give your details and the details of the incident(s). This will immediately be passed onto your child’s House Team who will deal with the situation promptly and in accordance with school policy.