Teaching School

Alongside our exceptional induction and CPD programs here at The Holgate Academy we also offer access to the Trent Valley Teaching School Alliance (TVTSA). The TVTSA is run by our Diverse Academies Learning Partnership (DALP) outstanding partner school Tuxford Academy.
This kind of collaborative partnership means we can offer further training and career opportunities for all staff at The Holgate Academy.
The TVTSA takes pride in its personalised approach. All alliance schools benefit from a varied menu of opportunities from which choices may be made to meet individual school / academy needs. TVTSA is keen to embrace new ideas and initiatives and is always eager to welcome new colleagues to the team as advisers, professional tutors or leaders of education to provide a varied amount of training and support for individual members of staff and schools within the partnership.
You can find out more about TVTSA on the alliance website by clicking here and by following TVTSA on Twitter @TVTSA. 

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