Holgate Alumni

The Holgate Academy has a lot to celebrate; achieving a GOOD status from Ofsted, another excellent set of exam results, GovernorMark, ArtsMark Gold, becoming a centre of excellence in financial education plus much more. We are very proud of our students at The Holgate Academy and the service we provide to the local area.

Holgate first opened its doors to students in the September of 1955. The school was named after Annie Elizabeth Holgate who had been a teacher but had entered local politics and she became chair of the local education committee. She married Henry and had one son who was to become a noted mathematician and rise to head Grey College in at Durham University. Two other schools in Hucknall are named after Ms Holgate.

As part of the ongoing work on raising the aspirations and ambitions of Holgate’s current students we hope that seeing what former students are doing with their lives will help to inspire them to do their best. The main objective The Holgate Alumni is to show; what former pupils from this school have achieved, the different places they have been, the exciting things they have done and so why shouldn’t they? It is about broadening horizons and giving inspiration. If you are an ex student of Holgate and wish to contact the school please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 0115 963 2104. We look forward to hearing from you.