The Holgate Academy offers a range of subjects that give all studentsm access to a broad and balanced curriculum. These include our core subjects of English language and literature, maths and science (including triple science at key stage 4). We also offer a number of English baccalaureate subjects, including computing, geography, history and French.

The arts faculty broadens choices further by offering drama, music, photography, art and animation. Within technology, students study product design, food, construction, graphics and graphic design. Our physical education curriculum at key stage 3 is based on practical sporting activities and promoting a healthy, active balanced lifestyle. At key stage 4, students can opt into GCSE PE and BTEC PE.

We offer further choices for key stage 4, and these currently include film studies, business studies, ICT, dance and childcare. We provide a wide range of academic and vocational courses within these subject areas, and are continually looking to run courses that cater for student interests. As well as supporting their individual progress, we work hard to ensure we also meet the changing needs of our community. 

Our academy currently runs a two year key stage 3 and a three year key stage 4, with students choosing their options towards the end of year 8. Our sixth form offers a vibrant, progressive pathway to key stage 5, which aims to build on student’s skills and interests. In 2016 we opened our new Hucknall Sixth Form Centre, supporting both academic and vocational pathways. For more information, see the sixth form section of this website.

If you click on the ‘Course Information’ button on the right hand side you will find information on content of the curriculum, GCSE options and other key stage 4 qualifications. In this document you will find links to further course information and where it can be found. If you have any questions about the curriculum at The Holgate Academy please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Reading Schemes

Accelerated Reader
As part of Year 7 and Year 8 weekly Library Lessons, we run a Reading Programme called Accelerated Reader. This involves students taking a reading test to establish which level of books they should be choosing. Once a book is complete, students can take a quiz on the book. The number of questions answered correctly reflects the understanding and pleasure taken from the book. Students can track their own progress towards targets set each half term. If you have any question regarding the Accelerated Reading programme please contact out Librarian, Mrs Jackson.
Buddy Reading
Buddy Reading is a targeted Reading scheme which gives Year 7 students the opportunity to develop their reading and comprehension skills by reading once a week with Year 11 Buddy prefects.

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