Ethos and Values

"Respect For All, Achievement For All"
We will encourage each student to strive for their personal best in intellectual, physical, spiritual, moral, social and cultural growth.
Our vision for the Holgate Academy is that we will be outstanding through:
  • Improving attainment for students by ensuring that all students, including that receive pupil premium, achieve better than expected progress.
  • Ensure that all students experience high quality teaching characterised by high expectations that engage, challenges and supports them in their learning.
  • Recruit and retain pupils through an innovative curriculum alongside a positive, happy learning environment.
  • Develop capacity in leadership at all levels to sustain improvement, focusing on strong and supportive teams, robust quality assurance and tracking systems.
Respect For All
We at the Holgate Academy aim to provide:
  • A secure, happy and caring community for all members of the Academy.
  • A confident understanding of the basic British values of individual liberty, respect, rule of law, tolerance and democracy.
  • Support for all individuals regardless of their race, gender or disability to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to achieve their fullest potential in a rapidly changing world.
  • An understanding of, and respect for, a wide range of religious values, languages and cultural traditions.
  • An environment that encourages positive parental and community involvement.
  • To promote healthy lifestyles.
Achievement For All
We at the Holgate Academy aim to provide:
  • Good teaching in a broad and balanced curriculum, underpinned by an effective approach to the development of children and young people for life in modern Britain.
  • Encouragement of an enjoyment for life-long learning.
  • A curriculum that is stimulating, broad, balanced, innovative and creative.
  • A learning environment that encourages individuals to take responsibly for their own learning.
  • Opportunities to celebrate achievement.
British Values
At The Holgate Academy we promote values which ensure that our students develop a strong sense of social and moral responsibility. 
We prepare students for the life in modern Britain because values such as individual liberty, democracy, the law, mutual respect and tolerance are embedded within the curriculum and the ethos at Holgate.
In addition, these values are also promoted at various times throughout the year.
Our curriculum is broad and balanced, complies with legislation and provides a wide range of subjects which prepare students for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life in Modern Britain.
It actively promotes the fundamental British values and it extends beyond the classroom with a wide range of visits and experiences.
It promotes tolerance of and respect for people of all faiths (or none), cultures and lifestyles through effective spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils, including by engaging pupils in extracurricular activity and volunteering in the local community.
It is supported by a well-rounded programme of assemblies which offer a clear guidance of what is right and wrong.

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