An Inspired Christmas Concert - BBC School Report

On Monday 4th December 2017 the Holgate Choir and A Cappella Choir joined together to perform at the National Youth Choir of Great Britain 'An Inspired Christmas' event. The group did the school proud and it was truly a remarkable opportunity for our young singers to perform on such a renowned stage. One of our BBC school reporters summed up the day:
The experience was amazing as we got to interact with lots of different schools across Nottingham. We got to learn lots of carols and do mashups using pop songs which brought everyone closer together (including the audience).
The afternoon was full of rehearsals and learning lots of new carols and songs. Tere were 300 primary and secondary students so there was lots of amazing songs being rehearsed ready for the evening performance. 
In the evening we had some special guests to watch us perform at the Royal Concert Hall and it was fantastic. As there were so many students there was a variety of different songs being sung in many different styles - a truly inspiring Christmas!
Mea from the Holgate BBC School Reporters