Diverse Academies Creative Arts Festival

On Thursday 14th December, a group of extremely talented year 8, 9 and 10 students from The Holgate Academy performed two pieces at the annual DALP Creative Arts Festival.
Each year, this event gets bigger and bigger, and our students arrived at beautiful Kelham Hall, and entered an enormous room with a stage, a sparkly star cloth behind, and hundreds of chairs set out for an audience.
Around 300 performers from across the DALP Academies were there, and we started a technical run-through in the morning, so that the sound technicians could check the sound levels and microphones. The Holgate students were very slick and professional in their rehearsal performance, and the cheers from other DALP students when they had finished, gave them the confidence to believe in their brilliant performance ready for the main event.
Every Academy had been given a colour to theme their performance. The Holgate Academy had "red" as our colour, and the students looked great in their red DALP t shirts.
At 12:15 the audience came in, with lots of parents, senior leaders from DALP and local dignitaries. The show began, and we were treated to a wide array of talent, from academy bands, to dramatic performances, to dance pieces and songs.
The Holgate Academy were on stage fifth, and performed an outstanding version of "Ruby" by the Kaiser Chiefs - whilst this was mainly an ensemble piece, Daisy Bingham took a great solo, and threw a little sass into proceedings. Then we moved onto our singing and dancing medley. 
We have been rehearsing all term, and we had been unable to choose a single "red" themed dance piece that we wanted to do, so we combined loads of different music together: including The Red Hot Salsa, a country song called Ol' Red, Red Alert by Basement Jaxx and a track from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, amongst others. We put all of these together and produced our "Redley Medley", which was choreographed by Mrs Morris and brilliant year 12 student, Owen Wright, who gave up a huge amount of time to support the festival.
All of the students were incredibly focussed and committed, and performed outstandingly to a very busy audience.
Jordana Harrison sang a stunning solo verse of "This Girl is on Fire" and then was supported in the chorus by Charlotte Windmill and Alana and Mea Reavill-Dilks.
Once our performance had finished (to huge applause and loads of cheers) the students enjoyed watching the pieces from other DALP Academies, and then we all joined together, and every student involved turned to face the audience and sang for them the Rock Choir version of "True Colours" complete with sign language, which we have spent the last few weeks perfecting.
Too soon, it was all over for another year, and the brilliant students got back on the coach, and sang and ate chocolate all the way back to Holgate.

Can't wait for next year.