Willy Russell's Blood Brothers (Play Version)

28 February 2018
Hillcrest Hall
Start time: 7:00pm

Join us for our student production of Willy Russell's Blood Brothers for what is set to be a fantastic performance.

Tickets are available from the Hillcrest reception:
Adults £4.00
Concessions £2.50 (seniors, students and children) 


"So did you ever hear the tale of the Johnston twins,

As like each other as two new pins;

Of one womb born, on the self same day,

How one was kept, one given away?


Did you ever hear tell of that young mother

Who stood and watched brother parted from brother;

Who saw her children wrenched apart,

That woman, with a stone in place of a heart?


Then bring her on, come on let’s see

The author of such cruelty.

And judge for ourselves this terrible sin.


Bring on the mother, let the story begin."


Artistic director: Miss Bianca Burridge

Event organiser: Miss Claire Backhouse

This amateur production of "Blood Brothers (Play Version)" is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, LTD.