The New Notts County Owner Alan Hardy Visits The Holgate Academy for our BBC School Report

The new Notts County owner, Alan Hardy, kindly visited us at The Holgate Academy earlier today on Thursday 16th March 2017 to take part in an interview for our BBC School Report. We asked him a series of questions in which he offered some really interesting answers. 

Firstly we asked him what made him fall in love with football, to which he replied ‘I have been playing football from a very young age, I first played for Priory Celtic at the age group of  U7-U11 this was when I was at Brookhill Leys Infant School before moving on to Clifton AW for U12, U13 and U14, I then signed for Mansfield town and went from there.’ It was interesting to see where he had come from as we both play football at a similar level now.

Next we asked him, ‘what made you want to buy Notts County after all the debt and winding up petitions that were in place?’ He replied ‘as you know I own many other businesses but I have always wanted to work in sport. The thought of it really excites me.’ This led us on to asking, ‘have you always supported Notts County, what brought the interest into buying the club?’ He replied,’ I believe you are allowed to support two teams, a famous team and a local team, I have always had Liverpool as my famous team, and my local team has always been Notts County’. There was some rivalry here as one of us is an Everton supporter! 

Later on in the interview we asked him what his role was being chairman and owner of Notts County, and if he needed any qualifications? To this he replied, ‘you certainly need experience and knowledge in business but not any qualifications. However you take this test called a ‘fit and proper person test’. This is run by the FA to see if you are worthy of getting the job. You have to submit business plans and other documents but other than that no.’ 

The interview was excellent: we would like to thank Alan for his time and hope to do more things with him in the future.

By Curtis and Curtis