Maths Trip to Kingswood

36 students and 4 staff members set off from The Holgate Academy for Kingswood in Dearne Valley on Friday lunchtime, 31st March 2017, for a weekend of activates. Some students arrived with suitcases big enough for two weeks! 
When we arrived we received a tour of the sight then we were straight into activities. On Friday students got started with indoor climbing, some students having to overcome their fears on activity one, as well as running around the sight collecting items for the scrap heap challenge. 
Over the weekend the groups did all sorts of activities including… problem solving, canoeing up the River Don, Archery, nightline and Jacob’s ladder. 
On Saturday night we had a camp fire where we learnt to build our own fires to toast marshmallows and enjoy some smores! All of the students were very mature over the entire weekend and worked well as part of their team, especially for some of the more challenging tasks. All of the students were a pleasure to take away on the trip and we all had a great start to the Easter Holidays.