Physics Students Visit Nottingham Trent University

On Thursday 21st September year 12 Physics students visited Nottingham Trent University to see what studying Physics at a higher level is like.  After a long tram journey and a quick walk, we arrived at Clifton campus and met Ed, our guide for the day.
We began with a talk on the Northern Lights, learning more about how this phenomenon occurs and how it’s one of the ways our Earth protects us.  We saw some beautiful pictures and the science was beautiful, too!  Then came the hard part; we were tasked with finding the energy of the Northern Lights.  By first considering a candle, we planned out our work and applied the same ideas to some actual research data.  We worked out that the Northern Lights have an energy of several terajoules.  That’s twelve zeros!
After meeting up with a current student, we were shown on a tour of the facilities including a trip to NTU’s observatory.  Everyone had a go at controlling the telescope there before a trip around the labs.  Our guides spoke about the routes they took to studying Physics at university and how they decided it was for them.  Ready for lunch, we wandered across to the canteen to enjoy lunch alongside some pHD students, before dodging the rain on our way back to the tram stop.