'Be my best' pledges

Respect and achieve
Actively promote the school ethos: ‘Respect for all, achievement for all’ and demonstrate that I am a good citizen.
Dare to dream
Have a dream and have a career buddy.
Every day and on time
Have a minimum of 97% attendance but aim for 100%.
Get set, learn
Come to school, ready to learn (bag, equipment and book) and follow classroom routines.
Be a collaborative learner
SLANT, ABCD, follow group rules and undertake group roles as well as supporting others in collaborative activities.
Reach for the stars
Always try my best, earn as many positive points for my house as I can, take risks in my learning, self-check and never give up (become a resilient learner).
Participate, promote and be proud
Participate in period 7 sessions, support school events i.e. transition, assembly, parent/carer consultation meetings.
Engage and debate
Engage in tutor time debates and utilise these skills in my lessons.
Aspire to lead
Engage with peer mentoring and support and aspire to graduate to a student leadership role (form captain/ school council rep/mentor/prefect/sports leader).
Become a ‘Holgate challenger’
Embrace the Holgate challenger projects.