Year 6 into 7 Transition

Year 6 to Year 7 let us support you during this exciting and important time. Questions and queries please feel free to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Important information to consider when deciding upon your child’s secondary school placement:
19th May 2017
Year 5 2017: Here’s Holgate! Join us for the evening where we’ll celebrate all that is great about Holgate students.
15th September 2017
Year 6 Students 2017 -2018 Class: Open Evening

Throughout The Year  

31st October 2017
Secondary School application deadline.
March 2018
Online applications- confirmation of place early March
Paper applications- confirmation of place posted out (2nd class) early March.
April 2018
Transition booklet sent out to all students who have been accepted a place for September 2018. The booklet includes information on how to accept the place, uniform and equipment information, transition events and a data collection sheet.
Half term 5 & 6 2018
Transition lessons – a series of period 7 lessons run for year 6 students. Parents can book places (60 max). Lessons give pupils the opportunity to experience Holgate lessons as well as meet staff of the academy and other students who are joining the school in September.
Half term 5 & 6 2018
SEN outreach work for identified students
Half term 6 2018
Holgate staff visit Year 6 in Primary Feeder schools
(If your child does not attend a Feeder school, Mr Diamond will be in contact with your primary school to organise a visit should you request one).
Half term 5 & 6 2018
Tea with the team – Event for parents and students joining us in September 2018 to join us for a drink. An opportunity to meet key staff and other parents and students to discuss any queries, have a tour of the site and enjoy a drink with those in attendance.
10th, 11th and 12th July 2018
Intake Days – 3 day event where year 6 students experience lessons in their teaching groups for year 7, meet their tutor and tutor group and experience life at Holgate. Transition Brochure 2018 & Transition Events 2018
11th July 2018
Intake Evening- Parents of year 6 students are invited to meet their child’s tutor, House Leader and Senior Leaders. Parents also have the opportunity to visit the Market place where they can find School uniform, shoes and equipment approved and recommended by the Academy
September 2018
HL’s analyse pass data for year 7
Half Term 1 2018
Year 7 contact week – Tutors telephone home to discuss with parents/ Carers how their Child has settled in to the Academy

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