Maths A-Level

Entry Requirements
Higher level entry at GCSE
GCSE Mathematics Grade B or above. 
Aims of the Course
The AS/A2 Mathematics specification aims to encourage candidates to:
  • Develop their understanding of mathematics and mathematical processes in a way that promotes confidence and fosters enjoyment 
  • Develop abilities to reason logically and to recognise incorrect reasoning, to generalise and to construct mathematical proofs
  • Extend their range of mathematical skills and techniques and use them in more difficult unstructured problems
  • Develop an understanding of coherence and progression in mathematics and of how different areas of mathematics can be connected
  • Recognise how a situation may be represented mathematically and understand the relationship between 'real world' problems and standard and other mathematical models, and how these can be refined and improved
  • Use mathematics as an effective means of communication
  • Read and comprehend mathematical arguments and articles concerning applications of mathematics
  • Acquire the skills needed to use technology such as calculators and computers effectively, to recognise when such use may be inappropriate and to be aware of limitations
Who Should Study This Course?
This course is very demanding and requires a high level of understanding at GCSE level. Students who undertake this course are usually those who wish to study mathematics or sciences at University level.
Why Should I study This Course?
Success in Mathematics indicates an individual’s ability to:
  • Solve problems
  • Develop sound reasoning skills 
  • Develop an analytical mind 
  • Think laterally
  • Develop higher level thinking skills
  • Be organised and keep to schedules
For most Maths students it is their main subject or supports a Science. Others study Maths because it is a very different academic subject.