Who is this course suitable for?
Apart from academic research, mathematics is vital for careers such as engineering, computer related industries, banking, financial trading, accountancy and insurance. Other possible careers include medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, meteorology, weather forecasting and teaching. The statistics module also provides good grounding for careers in physical or social sciences.
Entry Requirements
Course requirements are a minimum of GCSE Maths grade A*-C as well as being able to pass the entry level test at the beginning of the course. Students will be required to have a scientific calculator.
Course Content
AS – 3 modules – Core 1, Core 2, and Statistics 1
A2 – 3 further modules in addition to those studied for AS level – Core 3, Core 4, and Mechanics .  
Assessed through examinations at the end of the academic year.
Opportunities and Enrichment
Weekly revision sessions after school on Thursdays. Drop in help sessions during lunchtime and staff non contact time.

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