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Parent Forum 2nd of May 2017
What would you like in an ideal world from homework?
The topic for discussion was the challenging one of Homework. The intention was to make the meeting as interactive as possible to that end the parents and carers were set a series of questions and discussion points. We started with a biggy!- What are the benefits and disadvantages of homework. 
What would you like in an ideal world from homework?
  • Independent learning
  • Follow-on, development of classwork
  • Organisation
  • Independence
  • Time management
  • Pushes need for P7
  • Time spent together – know what they are doing 
  • Lack of internet access
  • Lack of quality/any feedback
  • Time in the evening limited
  • Parents/carers struggle to help
  • Lack of space/quiet
  • Homework for the sake of homework
These responses threw up many of the concerns staff share around homework, but a crucial addition would be managing the marking!
The next question for discussion was around the quantity- did the parents/carers think sufficient was set. The split here was about 50/50 with those who had children in KS 4 of the view that there was sufficient- sometimes too much whilst those in KS3 didn’t much homework coming home.
The third area of discussion was around the challenge of the homework, was it suitable. Here there was board consensus. Where homework was set and seen to be set the challenge was viewed as good. Parents/carers especially liked menus of homework that encouraged choice and stretch.
The final question was a sort of wish list and a return to the opening question:  what would you like in an ideal world from homework? The answers were interesting-
  • Less volume
  • More meaningful tasks
  • Feedback to be supplied
  • Less reliance upon the internet- more options to work on paper
The next step will be for me to present this to the next Senior Leadership meeting to share this useful parent view with the team.
Thank you to all those who attend and contribute. 
The next meeting will be on 13th June where Ms Forsey will be in attendance to discuss the Academy’s leadership structure and answer questions.
Mr Lees, Assistant Principal

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