GCSE Results Day is Thursday 24th August 2017
Results will be available from the reception area from 9:00am. 
School contact information for the Holidays including Safeguarding and Bullying can be found by clicking the contact button.

Meet the Leadership Team

Wednesday 28th June 2017, 5:15pm - 6:15pm at Hucknall Tesco
(Ideal for Year 5 & 6 parents)
Senior Leaders including; the Academy Director – Ms Forsey, Year 6 to 7 transition team leader – Mr Diamond and SEND team leader – Miss Mann from The Holgate Academy will be attending the event.
This is an excellent opportunity for parents of Year 5 students considering a secondary school place, parents of Year 6 students starting at our school in September and for parents of our current students to ask questions about The Holgate Academy.

Year 9 Careers Day 2017

On Tuesday 13th June all year 9 took part in a careers day. The day is part of our collaboration with Ashfield District Council on their ambitious in Ashfield programme. The activities were provided for us by Ideas4careers.
Students took part in three workshops aimed at developing students employability skills. They each completed 3 workshops. The first ‘my dream job’ was an IT based activity competing online quizzes to find out what animal they were - and how this relates to potential careers. www.icould.com and www.plotr.co.uk. The second workshop the apprentice project saw students working in teams to design an item of clothing. The team had to nominate a project leader, negotiator and a creative team and were scored on how effectively the team worked as well as how their final product worked. The final workshop was the Tetrahedron. Students had to work in teams to build a tetrahedron using sticks and elastic bands, again a team leader was nominated who had to run the activity. The activity involved team working, leadership, following instructions, problem solving and was linked to real world scenarios by the Facilitator Martin.