Thought for the week:
Event: St George’s Day (23rd April)
Quote: ‘The English nation is never so great as in adversity.’
Source: Benjamin Disraeli

Ski Trip 2017 Blog Day Seven

All students have successfully completed the skiing week without injury! All have arrived safely back in the hotel. As a note from the three staff we want to let it be known how brilliant all the students have been. We have been nothing but impressed by them all week! At no point has any student complained, or moped everyone of them have been positive and fantastic throughout. They have been a credit to themselves, their parents/carers and the school. We are three very proud teachers.

Ski Trip 2017 Blog Day Six

Students enjoyed another brilliant days skiing in good conditions through the morning and afternoon sessions. The evenings activity offer of bum boarding was gratefully rejected by the group in favour of a supermarket visit where upon arrival back at the hotel it had become apparent that the group had all chipped in to buy lovely gifts for staff as a very kind gesture of their gratitude.
The group all left for dinner and afterwards found our way to Haralds cafe where the group were offered their choice of pastry or drink with most electing for a hot chocolate. The group then enjoyed some free time before bed with some joining the hotel ran disco and the remainder watching football with staff before a slightly later bed. Hopefully despite the restricted sleep all will arise fresh and prompt for their final day on the slopes.

Ski Trip 2017 Blog Day Five

Today the weather took a sunnier turn and the skiing conditions couldn't have been much better. The group managed to ski the Olympic run which was used for the slalom when Bardonecchia hosted the Winter Olympic Games. Some of the students even managed to start to parallel turn. In the evening some of the group had energy left to use the gym while some used the chance to catch up on some sleep. The group were offered the chance to watch a film in the "theatre" but some elected to go for some free time around the hotel.