GCSE Results Day is Thursday 24th August 2017
Results will be available from the reception area from 9:00am. 
School contact information for the Holidays including Safeguarding and Bullying can be found by clicking the contact button.

More Trampolining Success for Holgate!

At the KS3 trampolining competition this week the Holgate team took home the team gold medal, plus an individual gold for Chloe Boorman and a silver for Curtis Hayes. Our trampolinists performed twice each under enormous pressure, with 8 teams watching and all students having to recall a strict 10 bounce routine that finished with a front or back tucked somersault.
All of the students have shown huge dedication and commitment in lessons, at lunchtime and after school and even though sometimes, it has been very frustrating, the resilience of all has been a credit to all seven students. 

The Holgate Tea Party

Year 11 students completed the final practical session for their food and cookery controlled assessment. Each student had to produce two dishes suitable for a children’s party in two hours. Student’s that were involved in the practical worked extremely well and used the time to create some tasty looking dishes. The products students made ranged from mini pizza’s, vanilla ice cream, mini cheesecakes, meringues, frittatas, brownies, mini burgers, cookies and cakes. The staff, students and parents that were invited to the children’s party enjoyed every mouthful and were definitely full by the end.

The Holgate Academy Working with the Careers & Enterprise Company and D2N2

The Holgate Academy is working with the Careers & Enterprise Company and D2N2 on the Enterprise Adviser Network project. We are very pleased to be working alongside Warburton’s to enhance our industrial links with local employers. We hope that this new relationship will help us to support young people in developing the work related skills that employers need to see from them. We hope that by working alongside local companies we can embed D2N2 goals which will enable our students to engage with employers and be better informed about the world of work generally and the wealth of opportunities that the local area has to offer. 
“Warburtons prides itself on developing strong links with the communities we serve.  As an Enterprise Advisor, I look forward to working with Holgate School to increase access to local employers, strengthen skills required by Employers in the modern workplace, and support young people define their chosen careers.”
Lyndsay Wray