Thought for the week:
Event: The first bicycle patented in 1819
Quote: ‘A good school teaches you resilience - that ability to bounce back.’.
Source: Kate Reardon

Careers Week in Science

Science celebrated National Careers Week with a series of tutor messages informing students of some of the amazing science careers available to them when they leave school, the qualifications needed and the salaries they could earn. We extended on this by having 3 STEM ambassadors come into the school and do a short presentation on what they do and where science fits into their career.

Bardonecchia Ski Trip 2017

This year’s Holgate ski trip started early! Meeting at school at the early hour of 6:40 we departed for Leeds Bradford airport having said goodbye to parents and carers looking forward to a week of good conditions, good activities and most importantly good skiing.

At the start of every ski trip one of the chief concerns for staff is whether or not the group will get along, we spend quite a lot of time worrying about people being “left out” but with this group these concerns were alleviated very early on.

Academy Director's Blog March 2017

It is hard to believe that we are well into February 2017 and March is almost upon us. This term has been very busy so far with lots of exciting things taking place. One of the great successes of this term was the Star Awards organised by Mr Diamond and attended by award winning students and their parents/ carers.  Those of you who attended this event with its elaborate “afternoon tea” themed  setting will recall that I commented upon how both the students and the academy owed a great deal to parents/ carers who support by ensuring that their child attends every day, arrives punctually and with the correct equipment – ready to learn. It is vitally important that we as an academy acknowledge this support as it often goes unrecognised. So, on behalf of the academy, staff and students thank you to all parents/ carers for your ongoing support.