Thought for the week:
Event: St George’s Day (23rd April)
Quote: ‘The English nation is never so great as in adversity.’
Source: Benjamin Disraeli

GCSE Results Day 2012

Thursday the 23rd of August was GCSE Results Day for 2012, Year 10 and 11 Students came into school to collect their GCSE exam results there were many nervous youngsters around hoping to get the results they needed for their future studies. Many of our students will go on to study at a college of their choice or will be coming back to Holgate in our sixth form or will be moving on into jobs that they want to do. 
We are very happy that a good number of our year 11 students have chosen to come and study in The Holgate Sixth Form next year.

A-Level Results Day 2012

At 9am on Thursday August 16th 2012 year 12 and 13 students began arriving at school to collect their AS and A2 results. Year 13 students were nervous but very excited to collect their results as the results determined which university they would be going to. Students had to logon to the UCAS website to see if they had the university place they wanted. All of our year 13 students that applied for university got the placement they wanted. Many of our students achieved a set of fantastic results with lots A*, A and B grades and BTEC Distinctions.

Summer School 2012 Day Five

This morning was an extra-early start, as we had to be in Ilkeston by 9am to go bowling. We arrived and had a really great time, playing loads of games, and we even got to go into the arcade and have a go on the stuff in there too. We got back to school and had an early-ish lunch, and then – because it was such a nice day – we played some games outside.
After lunch, we all went back to the art rooms to finish off the work that we had done earlier in the week – some people got to make extra items, because they had finished, but it was a ncie opportunity to make sure that we didn’t leave anything half done.