Thought for the week:
Event: Ada Lovelace Day (14th)
Quote: ‘I never am really satisfied that I understand anything.’
Source: Ada Lovelace

Andrew Wynne “Consequences”

Andrew Wynne was our resident artist today Thursday 25th October, and he showed us how to take the parlour game of “Consequences” and turn it into giant art.
People who took part today had huge sheets of lining paper, folded over. The idea was to draw a giant head on the first piece, and then turn it over to draw the body, legs and feet, so that the initial drawings couldn’t be seen. This workshop was incredibly well attended, and at one point there were more than 30 people in the Gallery getting stuck in to the drawings.

Rachel Wood

Wednesday 24th October Rachel Wood joined us in The Holgate Gallery she showed us how to twist newspaper and create frames and portraits to mount on the Gallery wall. There were some really exciting pieces of art created, as people got stuck in to try and recreate their own faces using just sheets of newspaper – the effect at the end of the day was really visual, and lots of people said that they would try it when they got home.

Stamping and Inking at The Holgate Gallery

On Tuesday 23rd October in The Holgate Gallery, our resident artist was Betty Ching. Betty usually works with jewellery and plastics, but the theme of today’s activity was Stamping and Inking. People who came to join us were encouraged to use ink pads and different kinds of stamps to create all sorts of different designs, which were then displayed on the Gallery wall. Trees, birds, helicopters and flowers featured strongly in the morning, but by the afternoon there were lots of witches and pumpkins. The art looked spectacular, and loads of people had a go at doing something a bit different.