Thought for the week:
Event: Good Friday Agreement, an agreement between the UK and Irish governments, and the main political parties in Northern Ireland is signed.
Quote: “Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.”
Source: Albert Einstein 

Ski Trip Day 5: One Day To Go

One day to go. Ty managed to lose a ski on the lift, but amazingly skied off it with only one.  Good skills! He recovered his ski and his group are to attempt black runs tomorrow. Cameron's instructor was hugely impressed and went as far as calling him a model student. Ten pin bowling saw Luke and Joe takeover at least 4 lanes. If their arms don't ache in the morning it will be amazing.  The conditions were tough today with limited visibility and 7 inches of snow. This seemed to get the students buzzing more than ever.  The beginners group are now attempting blues.  Good day!

Mr Ellis

Ski Trip Day 4: More Snow On The Way!

The beginners group make it onto higher greens. The top group look like trying the double blacks tomorrow and all others doing well. Daniel was proud to reduce his 9 falls to 1. Ellis Evans' room claim the music quiz prize, whilst Shannan's room win the general knowledge quiz. Amy made us laugh as when playing goalkeeper on the table football she asked which way her team were shooting??? Joe O administered first aid 'confidence' to Mr. Morgan and then purchased the biggest bottle of juice I've ever seen. 3 litres of Gatorade! Some tired students today, but many very proud of their progress. Jamie, Ellis, Ty, Jack, Frankie and Shannan to name a few. Snow expected tonight.

Mr Ellis

Trip Photos
If you have any photos that have been sent to you by students on the Ski Trip please forward them to me and I will post them on the website:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Please click on the link to the right to see the latest photos from the trip.

Ski Trip Day 3: Ice Dancing

Loads of progress today. One group heading down black runs. Another group hitting the top of the mountain and everyone else already on the greens. Ice skating was brilliant with loads of props helping entertain everyone. Dom and Tyler resembling blades of glory. Amy and Megan in synchro and Hazel and Emily on the floor giggling again. We have figured out how to stop ears popping. No, not swallowing or chewing, but eating cheese upside down (if that works Louis that's genius).  Tom has requested whether the first aid kit can cure 'ski confidence' issues and Jacob makes the first ever 720 crate spin during dancing in ice.
Mr Ellis