GCSE Results Day is Thursday 24th August 2017
Results will be available from the reception area from 9:00am. 
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Twycross Zoo

On the 2nd of October the year 12 Biology students went on a school trip to Twycross Zoo, the reason for this trip was so we could get ideas to base our coursework on. As our coursework can be based on anything biological it was a fantastic opportunity and we made the most of this visit.
The visit was actually much better than I expected not only did we go touring around the zoo, but we were given the opportunity to attend a tropical session lead by a guide.

The World Day of Peace

Our school is a member of Environment Online (ENO).  The ENO programme is a global network for schools, studying environmental awareness and sustainable development. Currently more than 200 schools in 70 countries study environmental issues throughout the school year.
The 21st of September is the International Day of Peace!  We have celebrated it by planting a tree, at 12.00pm local time, on Friday 21st September 2012. On the same day schools in other countries also joined us. The first trees were planted in New Zealand, at a little after midnight on Thursday, our time.


On Wednesday 26th September, Miss Glanowski and Miss Chumun took 20 drama students to Nottingham Theatre Royal to see a production of “Bouncers” by John Godber.
“Bouncers” is set in the “Asylum” night club, and tells the stories of several different characters on their Friday night in town. The play is performed by 4 actors, who all multi-role and play 3-4 characters; including the bouncers, drunk ‘lager lout’ boys and gossip girls out for a 21st birthday party! It was a really funny performance, with lots of modern music which kept it very fast paced, and it was very funny to see the grown men becoming women!