Thought for the week:
Event: The Cold War ended as leaders of NATO and Warsaw Pact states signed the Charter of Paris.
Quote: ‘An eye for an eye only makes the whole world blind.’
Source: Mahatma Gandhi
Christmas Jumper Day - Friday 15th December 2017
For a £1 donation, students may wear a Christmas jumper to school on Friday 15th December. The rest of their uniform must be worn correctly. If they do not own a Christmas jumper they may wear a Christmas tie, Christmas socks or a small Christmas badge instead, again with the rest of their uniform being correctly worn. Money raised will be donated to charity.

Students push their talents in ‘West Side Story’

Story by The Hucknall Dispatch 
Students and staff of Hucknall’s Holgate School tackled their most ambitious stage project to date with their version of the smash-hit musical ‘West Side Story’.
Inspired by Shakespeare’s play, Romeo and Juliet’, this story is set in New York City and involves the conflict between the Jets and Sharks, two teenage street groups of different ethnic backgrounds.

West Side Story

Holgate played host to a challenging show of epic proportions. If you don't know the plot of West Side Story, it is based on Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet", and has all of the same ingredients: love, betrayal, jealousy, rivalry, passion and - ultimately - tragedy.
West Side Story tells the tale of two rival gangs in 1950s New York. The Jets, led by Riff (played by Jacob Burrows in an ourstanding debut performance) are Polish-American white working-class "hoodlums" and The Sharks led by Bernardo (a brilliant and committed performance by talented Fahad Qayyum)

Hotbed of Talent Ensures School Show is a Huge Sell-Out Success

Story by Peter Blackburn
Nottingham Evening Post
BUDDING actors and musicians at a Nottingham school have taken to the stage in front of bumper crowds for three nights.
Pupils and teachers from The Holgate School in Hucknall performed West Side Story to sell-out crowds this week.
The production was brought to life by four members of staff at the school and featured more than 50 students.