Thought for the week:
Event: The Cold War ended as leaders of NATO and Warsaw Pact states signed the Charter of Paris.
Quote: ‘An eye for an eye only makes the whole world blind.’
Source: Mahatma Gandhi
Christmas Jumper Day - Friday 15th December 2017
For a £1 donation, students may wear a Christmas jumper to school on Friday 15th December. The rest of their uniform must be worn correctly. If they do not own a Christmas jumper they may wear a Christmas tie, Christmas socks or a small Christmas badge instead, again with the rest of their uniform being correctly worn. Money raised will be donated to charity.

Bakewell Visit

On Friday 19th October, 43 hardy students visited the Peak District for the day to investigate the impacts of tourism on our nearest National Park. Despite some rather wet condtions underfoot, all students survived the trek from Chatsworth to Bakewell, completing work on existing and potential tourist developments along the way. Once in Bakewell, in addition to sampling the fish and chips and famous Bakewell tarts, students undertook  interviews and questionnaires with local residents, visitors to the town and local businesses to gauge the impact of tourism on the town's economy, environment and local population.


On Thursday November 1st, 6 year 9 students attended the launch of the 2012-2013 Go4Set challenge at Snibston Discovery museum in Leicestershire. Go4SET is a project that links teams of six Year 8/9 (England)  pupils with companies and universities to offer a 10 week science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) experience. 
By providing a real and live STEM project, Go4SET aims to raise the pupils’ awareness and highlight the exciting future career opportunities in STEM.
The students who attended were Fallon Gunn, Hannah Martin, Grace Hickling, Corey Scothern, Nick King and Tyler Hayman-Harrison. The first challenge for our students was to compete against teams from other schools to use a set number of pieces of paper and sellotape, and only using those items, to build the tallest helipad. Although we did not win a prize for the tallest - I'd say the model they build was definately the sturdiest!  

Half Term at The Holgate Gallery

Over Half Term week, The Holgate Gallery was host to 7 days of different art workshops, as part of the Flying The Flag for Hucknall campaign.
Six months ago a group of local community partners – including The Holgate School, the Hucknall Library, the Children’s Centres and various churches, schools and nurseries, all got together with Rufford Abbey, to work on a project that Hucknall could participate in, as part of the national event, The Big Draw.