Thought for the week:
Event: Ada Lovelace Day (14th)
Quote: ‘I never am really satisfied that I understand anything.’
Source: Ada Lovelace

Olympic Research Project

Last term, Eleven Year 7 students took part in an exciting research project as part of their Futures lessons. Working as two teams the students put together an excellent display board filled with facts and information about the Olympics. The students each chose different aspects to research – history, Olympic events, Paralympics, famous Olympians and local sporting heroes are just some of the information they covered. The students also carried out research on their peers opinions’ of the Olympics by taking surveys from mix of age ranges in the school.
The students all worked very hard throughout and should be very proud of the work that they produced.

Holgate Sports Academy Students Go-Ape

Over the past year the Holgate Sports Academy students have been participating in a 6 session Gifted and Talented PE and sport programme where the students have been coached each half term by a county G&T coach. The students have all enjoyed competing and co-operating with each other and using the sessions to improve their already advanced skills. Helping to push each other harder on several occasions.
As a reward, the students had the pleasure of visiting the Olympic Park last year