Thought for the week:
Event: Chinese New Year  (Year of the Dog)
Quote: ‘The highest result of education is tolerance’
Source: Helen Keller

Dragons' Den Competition

A video designed by Holgate students to raise awareness of the dangers of alcohol abuse has won a best video award at a Dragons’ Den style competition.

Co-ordinated be Ashfield Community Safety Partnership, the competition invited pupils to produce a short film, radio advert and video clip focusing on alcohol and violent behaviour. Noisy house-parties, car accidents and playground scuffles all featured in videos made by students from 5 of Ashfield’s secondary schools.

The Dance Showcase

On March 8th was the annual Holgate Dance Show held in Hillcrest Hall. The show was a culmination of performances from Year 9 to Year 12 students. 

As part of their GCSE Dance course Year 11 students are required to produce a piece of choreography, solo or group, which is related to a stimulus. These stimuli ranged from abstract art to quotes. Standout performances of the night were Adelle Haskey, Holly Orkney King, Upasana Kadam and Elizabeth Smith. But praise has to be given to all girls in Year 11 for getting up in front of a full house and performing.

Papplewick Pumping Station

We are doing a project as part of a scheme of work based on fluidity. About 6 weeks ago Graham who works in media and film, Nettie who is a theatre designer and a local artist came to our school. We did some activities in Hillcrest hall including drawing pictures of emotions and feelings, they shouted out words and we had to draw how we thought they was describing the image in a matter of time. We also drew images of the pollution in water and how we need water to keep human and animals alive.