Thought for the week:
Event: Good Friday Agreement, an agreement between the UK and Irish governments, and the main political parties in Northern Ireland is signed.
Quote: “Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.”
Source: Albert Einstein 

Rufford House Celebration of Achievement

The first Rufford House Celebration of Achievement took place on a wonderful summers evening – well a dry evening anyway (which is a bonus this year) on the 17th July 2012. All the students that attended were a credit to the form as they arrived in full uniform and had their ties on properly (or did once Miss Bassett or Mr Lees spoke to them). There were also lots of extremely proud and excited parents waiting to find out what award their children were going to receive. 
The event started promptly at 7pm with Mr Lees announcing who were to be our hosts for the evening – Alex Ball and Ed Turner.

Year 7 Visit to London

Despite the calamitous forecasts the sun shone for the majority of the time on Year 7 during their annual trip to London. On arrival the students were greeted by Princess Anne (well, she drove past us in her car) and despite Mrs Gregory being attacked by a ferocious squirrel in St James' Park the students enjoyed their sandwiches before setting off to see the sights. With the Olympics just days away the students got a chance to see at firsthand how a city prepares for "The Greatest Show on Earth" and judging by the amount of souvenirs bought, the Year 7

STEM Ambassador Visit To Holgate

Which has more DNA - Strawberries or blueberries? That was the question that members of the STEM club were trying to answer when a STEM ambassador came into school last on Wednesday July 11th to run the STEM club session. 
Anne Warren, who ran the session, started out with some questions about DNA – luckily they had learned all about DNA and genes this year their science lessions so they were able to show off their knowledge.