Thought for the week:
Event: SS Great Britain launched, first propeller driven transatlantic ship (19th)
Quote: ‘Take action – Inspire change.’
Source: Nelson Mandela

Summer School 2012 Day Four

This morning, nearly all the students arrived at Summer School bright and early ready to start at 9am again. The Sharks and the Jets split into their groups, and some went with Mr. Botham to “Design a School” whilst other went with Mr. Diamond to play team games in the hall with the giant parachute. “Design a School” was really interesting, as the students thought hard about what features could go into their perfect school, after reading some Dr Seuss!
The parachute games were great fun, and really encouraged listening and communication skills, as there was a lot of physical negotiating to be done.

Summer School 2012 Day Three 'Wollaton Hall'

Today we started at 09:00am by all getting together and designing our very own superhero.
We only had an hour to do this, because at 10am, the coach arrived and we were off to Wollaton Hall.
It was a fantastic sunny day, and when we arrived we went inside the hall to do our activity. There was an artist showing us how to design our own comic flick-books, so we all got stuck in and got on with our designs. We also managed a walk around the hall, with Holgate staff acting as guides. It was VERY informative, and the giraffe was a big hit!

Summer School 2012 Day Two

On Day Two of Summer School, the students were welcomed and then divided into Sharks and Jets again. For the first two lessons of the day the students either did some lateral thinking with Mr. Botham or made rockets with Miss Lord, out of film canisters and Alka-Seltzer. It was a hectic two hours, and after break, things didn’t calm down!
All of the students, and all of the staff went into one of Holgate’s art rooms, where Miss Chumun taught us all how to make clay dishes with integrated designs. We used some big clay moulds, and air-drying clay.