Thought for the week:
Event: The Cold War ended as leaders of NATO and Warsaw Pact states signed the Charter of Paris.
Quote: ‘An eye for an eye only makes the whole world blind.’
Source: Mahatma Gandhi
Christmas Jumper Day - Friday 15th December 2017
For a £1 donation, students may wear a Christmas jumper to school on Friday 15th December. The rest of their uniform must be worn correctly. If they do not own a Christmas jumper they may wear a Christmas tie, Christmas socks or a small Christmas badge instead, again with the rest of their uniform being correctly worn. Money raised will be donated to charity.

Just add power! Hucknall pupils mix it up at E.ON’s microgeneration workshop

Students at The Holgate Academy in Hucknall have taken part in E.ON’s new ‘Micro Mix’ workshop which aims to help pupils investigate renewable energy sources and the role these play in the nation’s energy mix. 
Taking part in the Micro Mix, the year 9 and 10 pupils designed and built functioning micro models that generated electricity using wind, solar or hydro power. Working in competing teams, the pupils were encouraged to use their problem solving skills and creativity to build, test and improve their designs before finalising them.  

CONGRATULATIONS to Holgate student Izzy Coleman

Izzy gave up her October Half Term to raise money for Babbington Animal Rescue.  She raised over £500 by completing the following challenges: Climbing Scafell Pike, 10 mile swim, 25 mile walk, 15 mile run, Abseiling off Millersdale Bridge, Rock-climbing and White water rafting for 5 miles!

What a tremendous accomplishment! Everyone at The Holgate Academy is extremely proud of Izzy and her dedication to Babbington Animal Rescue. 

Energy workshops enhance STEM opportunities for students

Our triple science groups in year 9 and 10 took part in a double lesson workshop on energy provided by EON on Thursday 2nd November 2017. The students learned about how coal is made over millions of years by dead fossilised plants and the need to conserve our fossil fuel resources and the need to move away from the use of fossil fuels and use more sustainable energy resources such as wind, solar and hydroelectric power. 

The students worked well in groups to build; model wind turbines, hydroelectric generators and Solar powered generators. This group activity gave the students an insight into how different forms of renewable energy solutions work. At the end of the session there was time for students to discuss different careers in the energy industry including; different levels of apprenticeships and options through university.