Due to the ongoing restrictions with regards Covid-19, this year we moved our traditional September open evening online. We wanted to connect with our community and those parents/carers who are looking for their child to start secondary education in September 2021, to keep everyone informed in a safe manner.

The resources from that evening are now available to view on-demand for anyone who was unable to attend, including a full recording of the open evening. The recording includes a presentation from our academy principal Mr Pennington outlining our curriculum, our support for students and their personal development, and our expectations for our academy community.

There is also a live Q&A session with Mr Pennington, together with our transition lead Mr Diamond and Miss Chapman, our head of year 7.

We also interviewed some of our latest year 7 intake on their experiences of transition, adapting to a new academy environment, and homework!

If you have any further questions, please email us here and your request will be passed on to the most suitable staff member.


Welcome to The Holgate Academy

Starting at Holgate – a year 7 perspective

Virtual Open Evening – full recording


How do you ensure the quality of your curriculum, and in turn teaching?

Our curriculum is based on long term plans, medium term plans and short term plans (lesson plans). There is a statement of intent for each subject which not only considers what is taught but how it will be taught and how we will best engage students to that they know more, remember more and enjoy participating and achieving.

How often do year 7 students have core subject lessons (English, maths, science) per week?

Five 50 minute periods of each.

How are students rewarded for good work, behaviour and meeting your core values?

The academy uses a positive points system. Students who demonstrate our core ethos of ‘Manners, Determination and Teamwork’ are rewarded with a range of events (e.g. Milkshake afternoon).

What is your policy on behaviour and bullying?

Bullying is not tolerated and a range of strategies is employed whenever there is any suspicion of bullying. Where bullying has been identified a range of sanctions are used in addition to personal development mentoring to ensure that a long term solution is pursued.

In line with the core values we expect students to:

  • Arrive in the academy and at lessons punctually and prepared to learn.
  • Bring appropriate equipment
  • Wear uniform correctly
  • All students are expected to be polite, courteous and respectful to everyone at Holgate and to comply with reasonable requests or instructions made by staff on the first time of asking
  • Students are expected to have regard for their own safety and that of others
  • Holgate provides a secure and safe environment for students who are expected to remain on site throughout the academy day.

Will students stay in the same tutor groups for the teaching groups after the initial transition period?

The aim is to keep students in their tutor groups for teaching groups until October half term. This enables students to settle well into academy life, develop friendships and become confident in making their way around the school site. After October half term there is some setting to ensure that the students achieve their best whilst in the academy.

Who is the best person to contact regarding my child’s Special Educational Needs and disabilities, and the support that will be available? Are there provisions for children with dyslexia?

The best person to contact for all SEND questions is Miss Davies. Her email address is cdavies@holgate-ac.org.uk

How many students are in an average class size?

In the current year 7 cohort there is an average of 27 students in each class.

What are your expectations of a year 7 student?

We expect the year 7 students to display the core ethos of ‘Manners, Determination and Teamwork’. This means that they are polite and courteous, they try their best in everything that they do and they help other members of our academy community.

Our aim is for students to have a flying start when they come to the academy and enjoy their time with us. We also aim to develop them as a whole to support life skills, well-being and creating good citizens.

What opportunities are there for student enrichment?

You can find out more about student enrichment, including our current timetable by clicking here.

Are there sports teams I can join? Do you compete with other local schools?

We have several sporting teams that match the activities covered in the curriculum. These include football, netball, table tennis, trampolining, rounders and athletics. We compete in a range of local and regional competitions, together with an annual athletics meeting with all other academies within the Diverse Academies Trust.