Key stage 3

All students study French at key stage 3. At the end of year 9, students will have the opportunity to study French as part of their option which opens up the opportunity to study A Level French as part of the HSFC provision.

Having a GCSE in a foreign language opens-up more employment opportunities as many professions and international companies need employees who are able to speak a foreign language, they will often pay a higher salary for this skill. It is also looked up very favourably by universities. Throughout the 5 years, we develop core skills for the subject and beyond such as resilience, perseverance, oracy and the ability to communicate freely and understand others.

Throughout the key stages, we look at the differences and similarities between languages and cultures, we develop translation skills by looking at cognates and near-cognates and by reinforcing the importance of committing to a regular programme of vocabulary learning. We use grammar terminology from the outset and we believe that by teaching a foreign language we are also supporting in the development of students’ English literacy skills.  Recall of previous teaching is part of our day to day teaching with the aim to ensure that key concepts are embedded in long-term memory to ensure that students apply them fluently across other units of study.

Aims of the subject

We aim to:

  • foster enjoyment of language learning and broaden students’ knowledge and understanding of the world in which they live in.
  • to encourage our students to take pride in their journey to become independent, ambitious, accomplished linguists
  • build cultural capital by exposing students to aspects of French society, culture, media and literature. This is particularly important in our ever-growing multicultural and diverse society, it encourages students to develop a more outward looking view to life.
  • enable students to articulate their viewpoint on a wide range of topics.
  • deliver a recursive curriculum, which builds on the skills taught in previous years.
  • build on exam skills and techniques.

As a result of their learning students will be able to:

  • understand spoken and written material in the target languages.
  • respond to questions on a variety of topics
  • have a more in-depth understanding for English grammar
  • improve memory and listening skills
  • have a better understanding of their own culture and be able to draw comparatives
  • offer their point of view on cultural concepts
  • improve confidence
  • become self-reliant and more independent learners

Key stage 4

French is a challenging and engaging subject that gives students the confidence and skills to communicate in another language. It is ideally suited to those who enjoy the subject at key stage 3 and have achieved a level 5, and see a future involving travel and dealing with people from other places and cultures.

The study of French allows the possibility of study at AS/A2 and degree level and is widely offered as a module in other subject areas. Many businesses now consider a second language to be a valuable asset, particularly in international trade and commerce.

Exam board: AQA
Qualification type: GCSE
Contact: Mrs Medjdoub

How will I be assessed?

  • Examinations – writing/reading/speaking/listening

Future pathways and careers

  • Further study of languages
  • Interpreters
  • Translation and teaching
  • Business, marketing and sales
  • Travel and tourism
  • Banking and finance
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