We recently embarked on an exciting journey with our students into the heart of textile innovation at NTU’s Textiles Department. Accompanied by 7 year 11 textiles enthusiasts and 1 A-level Art student, we explored three captivating workshops, each unveiling a realm of creativity and experimentation.

The biomaterials workshop was a true marvel, where students dabbled in crafting materials from biodegradable wonders like wax, gelatin, coconut, coffee, and agar. From translucent wonders adorned with delicate floral imprints to plush foam-like textures, their imagination knew no limits.

Knitting brought forth a burst of color and technique as students maneuvered looms, experimenting with stitches and color blends, each stitch a step closer to their textile dreams.

Finally, sublimation printing ignited a flame of excitement as students engaged with heat press technology, bringing to life vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and tantalizing textures.

This expedition was not just about exploration but also about commendation. Our students shone bright, embodying the spirit of creativity and excellence. Here’s to many more textile adventures!