Pastoral system

Here at Holgate, we aim to nurture the students in our care and help them achieve to the best of their potential.  To facilitate this, our pastoral system consists of four houses and vertical tutoring time (tutor time with a mix of house students across age groups).

Each house consists of 10 tutor groups and each tutor group contains a mixture of students from across year groups. There are approximately 25 students in each tutor group – made up of five from years 7-10 with year 11 having a separate tutor group to support with exams.

Students are placed in the same house as their brothers and sisters but not in the same form group. Having all family members in the same house means that parents will only have to deal with one house team for all of their children at Holgate.

Each house team is made up of a house leader, house learning mentor, 10 form tutors and co-form tutors. Each tutor group has a form captain and a form vice captain as well as a number of students trained to be mentors for younger students.

Assemblies take place with each house once a week and numerous activities take place in the other four tutor periods, including maths problems to solve, cross-curricular literacy tasks to complete each term and a weekly quiz. Each house also takes part in regular competitions and the overall winner for the year wins the prestigious house cup.

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