For those year 11 students that had planned to go to the Prom in June, and had paid your deposit, we realise that it is very disappointing that it will not be able to go ahead as planned. We are aware that the times ahead are very uncertain, and nobody knows when things will return to normal and social distancing will be a thing of the past. With this in mind, we have re-booked Eastwood Hall to host our Year 11 Prom on Friday 4th September 2020.

We really hope that everyone who planned to come to the Prom will still be able to make this new date. It will be a wonderful event, giving you the opportunity to reconnect with your school friends and staff, many of whom you may not have seen for months, and talk about the new adventures that you will have embarked upon. Mr Lambert and Mrs Lunney will be working hard to give you exactly the same experience that was planned for the original date.

It will be assumed that those of you who have paid your deposit/full amount will still be attending. If for any reason this will not be the case could you please e-mail Mrs Lunney at to let me know. Similarly, if you have not yet paid your deposit, but had expressed an intention to attend with our staff, then please also send us an e-mail.

The full amount of £30 should be paid via sQuid by Monday 1st June 2020. If there are any issues with this, please e-mail Mrs Lunney so that we can support you.

At this point we must be clear that the Prom will go ahead on this date only if social distancing measures allow it, and if sufficient students wish to attend to make it viable. If anything changes in relation to either of these we will contact you as soon as we possibly can.

Further to the above, if you have ordered your dress from Glitz and Glam in Ripley, the owner has assured us that the orders will be met by her suppliers.

Mrs Lunney and Mr Lambert