On Monday 5 July year 9 students visited Hucknall Sixth Form Centre (HSFC). Our enthusiastic students were instantly engaged with the fun and excitement that the HSFC staff had to offer. Miss Cliffman, the Head of HSFC, led the activities with our students utilising their creativity and excellent team working skills.

The brief was to design, create and pitch a hat for Miss Cliffman with three specific requirements:
1. It must fit her head.
2. It must display the values of HSFC – Believe, Belong and Become.
3. It must have storage for snacks.

The students were put into groups, all with the same instructions, equipment and time. Throughout the whole afternoon students were exceptionally well behaved, designing, creating, redesigning and recreating until they were all happy with their final designs. The groups produced hats that were unique, colourful, humorous and well thought out.

Towards the end of their time at the HSFC, the students were brought together to pitch their creation to the room and for Miss Cliffman to model each one, testing them against the brief. During their pitches the students displayed maturity, eloquence and confidence which was marvellous. The passion that came from the student explaining was incredible and you could tell they were really trying to pitch their hat and make sure it was in the running to win.

The hats were made, the pitches were finished and it all came down to the winning hat created by Holly, Mae, Anabel and Megan. The winning hat creatively demonstrated all of the core elements that had been requested with an imaginative design and pom poms to finish off the design.

Congratulations to these four who each won a prize for their excellent teamwork.
It was a fantastic afternoon with the students, where they presented exemplary manners, determination and teamwork from start to finish with the staff at HSFC expressing how wonderfully creative they were and we couldn’t agree more. Well done Year 9 we are extremely proud of you!