Thought For The Week
Event: Walk to school week 
Quote: ‘I'm not upset that you lied to me, I'm upset that from now on I can't believe you.’
Source: Friedrich Nietzsche.

The Holgate Academy Awarded Healthy Schools Status!

The Holgate Academy has recently been awarded Healthy schools status following a whole school review of personal, social and health education, healthy eating, physical activity and emotional health and well being of both its staff and students. As an Academy it is important that our pupils and staff are provided with the opportunities at school for enhancing their own health and well being. We now have confirmation that we are doing everything we can to support this. 

The Holgate Academy has become a pfeg Centre of Excellence in Financial Education!

Following a successful bid by Miss Boultby, we are pleased to announce that The Holgate Academy has been awarded Centre of Excellence status. This means that pupils at the Academy receive high quality financial education (which is now a compulsory part of the National Curriculum). Pupils in year 7 – 11 have the opportunity to participate in activities during Maths, PD and tutor time.
The Award is for 3 years and Miss Boultby is now working on continuing the excellent work that is already taking place.

Holgate's Mock 2015 Election

During the last two weeks, students at Holgate have been exposed to the election fever.  They were firstly shown policies from each of the parties before 5 candidates; Mrs Pittem, Mrs Brewster, Miss Williams, Miss O’Reilly and Mr Hudson played the role of head of each of the political parties; Labour, Conservative, Liberal Democrat, UKIP and Green.  Form tutors shared a few points from each party’s manifesto and discussions about immigration, benefits and education were had in classrooms, and between lessons.