Thought for the week:
Event: World Meteorological Day (23rd)
Quote: ‘If you want to see the sunshine, you have to weather the storm.’
Source: Frank Lane , businessman

Holgate Science Week 2015

Science Week started early for Holgate students on the Thursday 12th March with a trip for 7 students to the Big Bang fair at the NEC in Birmingham, and also the introductory session to the Go4SET project. The 7 year 9 students involved in the Go4SET project have chosen to design their own Eco Hotel. They will work on this for approx. 10 weeks and then present their project at the celebration day in June at The Roundhouse in Derby. 

Year 9 Visit to the Theatre

The History Department took 39 year 9 students for a memorable trip to the theatre in Nottingham on Weds 18th March. In the morning, we were lucky enough to be in a select audience to listen to Arek Hersch tell his remarkable story. Arek is a Holocaust survivor, whose story is incredible and very humbling. He was first sent to a camp when he was 11 when the Nazis invaded Poland and stayed alive despite all the odds, settling in England after the war. He showed us his tattoo- an identity number tattooed on inmates’ arms in Auschwitz and answered questions about his experience with honesty and humour. 

Eclipse Excitement at Holgate Academy

After a week of making Solar Viewers in science lessons and keeping our fingers crossed for good weather, the morning of the 2015 Solar Eclipse arrived. Throughout the week form tutors have been providing students with safety instructions in preparation for the event.  
With our Year 10 ambassadors in place ready to disseminate solar viewers to each tutor group, students started to assemble on the school field in anticipation ready to watch the show.   It was fantastic to see all of our students engaged with this event.