Results Days
A Level: Thursday 14th August (Year 13 from 09:00 and Year 12 from 09:45).
GCSE: Thursday 21st August from 09:00.
Please report to Hillcrest Reception and you will be directed to the collection point. For more information about exams results please click here.
The autumn term commences for students at 08:35 am on Wednesday 3rd September 2014.

Summer School 2014 - Day Four

Today we had to create a card company that sells cards to the staff. We had to buy and hire stuff so we could make our cards. My team gained a profit of £24. I had a fab time.
Coby Lee
It's been fun. I liked it a lot. I am proud of myself.

Summer School 2014 - Day Three

Today has been really fun. We had Pete from the circus come and teach us some circus tricks. In the morning we did a range of activities, including designing our own name badges. It was awesome.
Today we learned how to do lots of tricks. My favourite was Poi. I balanced a peacock feather on my lip, nose, finger and head.

Summer School 2014 - Day Two

Today our challenge was to design an amazing environmentally friendly, new Holgate. We started to plan what everyone was going to do, then we started drawing and colouring it, and it looked amazing. Then we made a windmill.
Emily D
Today was a great day and today we made an enviromentally model of the school. It was really fun. Then after we did that, we made wind turbines and windmills. Today we also had two breaks and a dinner time (so 3 breaks) and yesterday we only had 2, so that was cool and fun as well. I wonder what we will do tomorrow?