Thought for the week:
Event: SS Great Britain launched, first propeller driven transatlantic ship (19th)
Quote: ‘Take action – Inspire change.’
Source: Nelson Mandela

Principal's Blog July 2018

We have arrived at the end of a very busy year- and what a fantastic one it has been!
Transition has been a key theme in recent weeks. On July 10th – 12th inclusive our new soon to be year 7 students spent three days with us experiencing life at The Holgate Academy. They had a great time and had the opportunity to meet their teachers, make new friends and experience a range of curriculum areas. They arrived in school on the first day full of worry and trepidation but by the end of day two they all left with beaming smiles on their faces, keen to return in September. They look set to be a great year group!
Our new Accelerated Learning room will be fully refurbished by the start of next term. This has all been possible because of a very generation donation from Tomlinson’s who upgraded the décor and IKEA who donated a range of furnishings - this will provide an excellent learning base for Ms Davies and Ms Chumun to work with some of our upcoming year 7 students.

Byron Festival 2018

Several months ago, the Hucknall 6th Form Centre was approached by the organisers of The Byron Festival and were asked if we would like to perform in this year's "Hucknall's Got Talent" event as part of the festivities.

Members of our after school theatre group jumped at the chance to showcase their considerable skill, and on Thursday 12th July, after a few weeks of planning and rehearsing, were able to perform on the stage in front of an appreciative audience.

Diverse Academies Games 2018

The annual inter-academy games was held, this year, on Tuesday 10th July at Grantham Meres Leisure Centre. A full coach-load of students from The Holgate Academy arrived at the leisure centre for the start time of 10am, and quickly established themselves into their roles.
The day was jam-packed full of events and sports, and Holgate students were kept very busy throughout the day. In the morning, our year 7 and 8 students started with the field events while year 9 and 10 students took to the track, alongside students from the other DALP academies.