Christmas Carol Concert 2014

Please come and join us for our annual Christmas Concert, held in the heart of Hucknall on Tuesday 16th December 2014 at 6pm.
This entertaining evening of carols, Christmas songs, traditional readings and festivity, now in its 7th year, truly starts the festive period for The Holgate Academy, and we would love it if we could be joined by members of our local community, as we welcome in Christmas, Holgate style.

The Great Holgate Bake Off 2014 Round 2

Once again the second week of the Great Holgate bake off was a baking success. All students were asked to make a sweet or savoury flaky pastry product. Students produced an array of shapes, sizes and flavours. Students worked as teams or individuals on the task, most producing bakery worthy products. The winner of star baker for this week is Ellan Hicklin and runner up Paisleigh Ryan. For the final week students have been asked to make Christmas Cupcakes. The judges are already looking forward to the spectacular decorated cakes to try.

Operation Christmas Child 2014

It is that time of year again, when hundreds of thousands of people in churches, schools and workplaces all around the UK join together to do something really special. It is to make sure that more than a million children around the world know that they are loved and not forgotten at Christmas, through Operation Christmas Child. Operation Christmas Child is, by its very nature, creative. The finding of an empty shoebox. The selecting of the gifts to fill it with. The selecting of the wrapping paper. The wrapping of the shoebox. The packing of the gifts.
What's more, when groups of children and adults come together - be they families, churchgoers, school pupils, workplace colleagues or members of local community groups - that creativity and inspiration just grows. There are countless ways in which people make Operation Christmas Child an exciting, involving and meaningful pre-Christmas project. To find out more please visit: for more information.