The Holgate Academy declared ‘GOOD’ in all areas by Ofsted.
In the first inspection by Ofsted since converting to an Academy two years ago, Holgate has been judged a good school. The two day inspection took place in July and Ofsted wrote that ‘The Principal and leadership team have been relentless in their efforts to improve provision. As a result, standards of teaching and the achievement of students are good.’ Click here to find out more.
Thought For The Week: 
Event: First successful test for a working television system.
Quote: ‘The image of the dummy's head formed itself on the screen with what appeared to me almost unbelievable clarity.’
Source: John Logie Baird

Operation Christmas Child 2015

It is that time of year again, when hundreds of thousands of people in churches, schools and workplaces all around the UK join together to do something really special. It is to make sure that more than a million children around the world know that they are loved and not forgotten at Christmas, through Operation Christmas Child. Operation Christmas Child is, by its very nature, creative. The finding of an empty shoebox. The selecting of the gifts to fill it with. The selecting of the wrapping paper. The wrapping of the shoebox. The packing of the gifts.

Year 6 Open Evening 2015

On Thursday 17th of September Year 6 students and their parents came from across Hucknall and surrounding areas to our Year 6 Open Evening. We had a packed hall to see a presentation from the Principal Mr Holmes, Associate Principal Mr Lees and Head of Clumber House Mr Diamond. 
Feedback that the Academy received from both parents and Year 6 youngsters was very positive. They said that The Holgate Academy has a very welcoming atmosphere and the overall impression they got of The Holgate Academy was very positive.

Holgate at 60

The Holgate Academy has a lot to celebrate this year; achieving a GOOD status from Ofsted and another excellent set of exam results. We are very proud of our students at The Holgate Academy and the service we provide to the local area.
One thing you may not know is Holgate is 60 years old this year!
The Holgate School first opened its doors to students in the September of 1955. The school was named after Annie Elizabeth Holgate who had been a teacher but had entered local politics and she became chair of the local education committee. She married Henry and had one son who was to become a noted mathematician and rise to head Grey College in at Durham University. Two other schools in Hucknall are named after Ms Holgate.