“Students… enjoy school, work hard in lessons, want to learn, and care for each other well.”
Ofsted 2015
Thought for the Week: 
Event: Rule of Law
Quote: “We cannot build foundations of a state without rule of law.”
Source: Mahmoud Abbas (Palestinian Muslim)

Race for Life 2016 Sign Up Now!

Thursday June 16th 2016 3:30pm
To register for the race please contact Mrs Rawdin via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
Official Race for Life medals given to all entrants. Fancy dress is encouraged. There will be cakes, ice creams, inflatable fun, music and prizes on the day.
We look forward to seeing you there.
Why are we doing it?
Well, apart from raising money for a worthwhile cause, Cancer Research, who this year hope to raise £53 million from these events to carry on their absolutely vital work. For the first time ever as many people survive cancer as die from it, Holgate supports this cause as one of our own is a cancer survivor and we also remember colleagues we have lost, Pete Price and Julie Riley.

Year 5 Opportunities Evening 2016

On Thursday 19th of May Year 5 students and their parents came from across Hucknall and surrounding areas to our Year 5 Opportunities Evening. We had a packed school full of excited Year 5 students wanting to take part in the different activities.
Feedback that the Academy received from both parents and Year 5 youngsters was very positive. They said that The Holgate Academy has a very welcoming atmosphere and the overall impression they got of The Holgate Academy was very positive.

Sports Leadership

On Tuesday 17th May, over 130 pupils from different Hucknall primary schools arrived at the Holgate Academy to take part in a football festival planned and run by year 12 Sports Leadership students.  The pupils experienced a range of activities to develop their football skills, including passing, dribbling, attacking and shooting.  The primary school pupils had a great time and were seen and heard cheering and enjoying themselves throughout the event.  
The year 12 Holgate Academy students were excellent and demonstrated their ability to manage and lead very enthusiastic and eager children!  A brilliant time was had by all.