Thought for the week:
Event: The first bicycle patented in 1819
Quote: ‘A good school teaches you resilience - that ability to bounce back.’.
Source: Kate Reardon

Academy Director's Blog April 2017

Having come to the end of what has been a very busy- but very successful last term we are all were looking forward to a holiday. However I always feel it is appropriate to reflect on the achievements of all who work and strive for success at Holgate and the surrounding schools. It makes me very proud to be part of this school community.
During Feb half term Mr Brown organised a ski trip to Italy. At the start of the week very few students had experienced the wonders of skiing, but by the end all had made excellent progress- thanks to Mr Brown, Mr Ellis and Mrs Graham for giving up their holiday time to give our students a great experience.

Sixth Form Visit to London

On Tuesday 18th April, we took a coach load of year 12 and 13 students to London for the day. Art and photography students were taken to the Tate and around interesting sites to photograph- including the M&Ms store! Science students were taken to the Science museum and got to see the capsule Tim Peake returned to earth in. History and Gov&Politics students were taken on a tour around the Supreme Court which has recently heard cases like the government’s right to trigger Article 50 and whether a dad had the right to take his daughter out of school for a holiday.

Royal Geographical Society Ambassador Visits Holgate

On Wednesday 19th April 2017, Ellie, a Royal Geographical Society Ambassador and a student from Cardiff University came to visit us. Ellie led four sessions throughout the day which aimed to promote Geography. Year 7 and Year 8 took part in an interactive session that explored the importance of Geography, looked at what jobs you could do with Geography and how it is relevant to everyday life. Year 9 were involved in a session that looked at the skills a Geographer needs and how this can help in the future.