Thought for the week:
Event: Ada Lovelace Day (14th)
Quote: ‘I never am really satisfied that I understand anything.’
Source: Ada Lovelace

Papplewick Pumping Station

We are doing a project as part of a scheme of work based on fluidity. About 6 weeks ago Graham who works in media and film, Nettie who is a theatre designer and a local artist came to our school. We did some activities in Hillcrest hall including drawing pictures of emotions and feelings, they shouted out words and we had to draw how we thought they was describing the image in a matter of time. We also drew images of the pollution in water and how we need water to keep human and animals alive.


On Wednesday 9th May our year 13 drama students, supported by a group of dancers from year 9 and 10, performed “Cabaret”, a musical set in 1940’s Germany. The year 13 were being marked on two separate units for their BTEC course, performance and marketing.
In preparation for the show the year 13’s flooded Hucknall with information about the show including  flyers, posters, facebook groups and a visit by a monkey to Hucknall market. Their hard work paid off with a large audience arriving to watch the show, some arriving over an hour early to get the best seats in the house.

Disneyland Paris 2012

On a dark, damp Friday evening at the end of March, myself, Miss Percival, Miss McMullan, Mr Endy, Mr Siddons and 44 students waited excitedly for their magical trip to begin. 
Travelling through the night we arrived at Disneyland Paris the following morning refreshed (some of us more than others depending on the amount of sleep that had been had!) and raring to go and meet Mickey and co.  We were greeted with a new sign at the entrance reminding us that the weekend we visited was the start of the 20th anniversary celebrations.