Thought for the week:
Event: Good Friday Agreement, an agreement between the UK and Irish governments, and the main political parties in Northern Ireland is signed.
Quote: “Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.”
Source: Albert Einstein 

Holgate 'Love to Read' Campaign

Books open up worlds of opportunities for young people – they inspire, excite the imagination and take the reader on a journey of discovery.

At The Holgate Academy, our ‘Love to Read’ campaign aims to encourage our students to pick up a book and to start reading more often. Reading improves a young person’s concentration, vocabulary and literacy levels, and most importantly, it’s fun!

You can join in our ‘Love to Read’ campaign by donating any unwanted children’s and young adults books to the academy so that we can stock more of our students’ favourite stories in our library. 

The 10th annual Holgate family of schools choir festival

On Wednesday 14th February 2018, students from The Holgate Academy, Leen Mills Primary, Hillside Primary, and Beardeall Fields Primary joined together to perform in the 10th annual Holgate family of schools choir festival. 
Students performed in 2 concerts to appreciative audiences, showcasing their incredible hard work and talent. The concerts featured 2 fantastic performances from each school, with additional performances by The Holgate Academy's a cappella group. Year 9 students Mea and Alana Reavill-Dilks also wowed the audience with a heart warming vocal duet of 'For Good', from the West End musical 'WIcked'.

Demystifying Maths

The Demystifying Maths workshops are open to the parents and carers of year 7 students, and are held once a term. During these workshops we explore the methods used to teach topics that will be taught to their child during that term. Within the first workshop in September 2017 we explained the different methods used for multiplication, division, addition and subtraction. Parents had a go at some activities that their child would be looking at during the lessons.