The Holgate Academy has been awarded the schools’ ‘Carer Friendly Quality Mark’ by Nottinghamshire Carers’ Association Service.

Andy Tomkins, Education Lead for Nottinghamshire and Nottingham City at the Nottinghamshire Carers Association Service, visited the academy this week to present the official certificate to principal Mr Diamond and teacher Mrs Wilford, who also leads on the academy’s Young Carers initiative. This initiative ensures that all young people with carer responsibility, for a parent or other family member, are identified as such and receive extra support from our staff.

Pictured below, L to R: Andy Tomkins of Nottinghamshire Carers Association Service, Mrs Wilford (lead for The Holgate Academy’s Young Carers’ initiative) and academy principal Mr Diamond.

Mrs Wilford said: “This is an important recognition of the support that the academy provides for young carers, enabling them to make progress in their lives and succeed”.

Mr Tomkins added: “To gain this Quality Mark, schools and academies have to show they are actively supporting young carers.”

To receive the Quality Mark and gain certification, schools and academies need a designated carers’ lead and must take part in Nottinghamshire Carers Association Service’s training. This recognises their commitment to identifying and supporting young carers, and their partnership work with organisations to give support and guidance.