As part of world food week we welcomed parents from our Syrian community into academy. They came to the academy to work with a number of students from across all year groups to give them an experience of cooking traditional Syrian cuisine. The students worked with the visitors to prepare and cook two traditional dishes before being able to taste the food that they had made.

“It was good learning how other people cook and how they do everything, trying different foods and seeing how close the friends and families are in the community” Ellie, Year 8.

“I liked helping with the preparation of the food and the cooking, I also liked learning about another culture and finding out how they cook” Eve, Year 8.

The group cooked a chicken Tikka dish as well as a 7 countries vegetable one. The students, staff and parents had an enjoyable morning and produced some tasty food. The event was a huge success and will be replicated again next year.

“I liked cutting the tomatoes because it felt satisfying and I also enjoyed helping some year 7 students cutting the bread and teaching some of my friends how Syrian families cook and telling them about all the ingredients” Ayman, Year 8.

“This is a new experience for us and it has been great coming into our children’s school and sharing this experience with them. We enjoyed sharing our traditional food with students and staff at The Holgate Academy. We are very happy with how it went and all the children participated and seemed to enjoy the whole experience.

We will be happy to come back and do this again”.