Update – 17 December 2021

Dear parents and carers,

As requested by the DfE we are running a COVID-19 testing station that will involve a staggered return to the academy for students in January. The government have stressed the importance of testing to help reduce risk of COVID-19 transmission to stop illness in the community and to reduce the need for school absence. Testing dates and return to school are below.

Please use this link to register permission for your child to be tested in school in January: https://covid.dalp.org.uk/student/register

If you have previously registered permission with us for previous COVID-19 tests taking place in school you will not need to again.

Please use this link to book a time slot for your child’s test: https://holgate.schoolcloud.co.uk/

If you have tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 90 days, you should not get tested, according to government guidance.

Date Testing Return to School
Tuesday 4 January 2022 Year 11, SLC and 6th Form SLC
Wednesday 5 January 2022 Year 7 and 10 Year 11 and 6th Form
Thursday 6 January 2022 Year 8 and 9 Year 7 and 10
Friday 7 January 2022   Year 8 and 9