On Wednesday 13th March, The Holgate Champions Quiz Team, and their supporters, took part in the Diverse Academies Quiz. The Quiz has been running since 2013, and only three of the academies in our trust have ever won it – Holgate being one of those teams – so the pressure was on to do well.

The quiz was held for the first time at Tuxford Academy, in the 6th form centre. All teams and their supporters were given the rules and instructions, and then had to record a sound on their team’s buzzer so that the adjudicators would know which team had buzzed in first. This proved quite a talking point, and whilst it was sometimes difficult to know which team had buzzed in first, it certainly meant that all teams were very confident hitting the buzzer to try and get some points.

There were ten rounds in total, plus an individual round for each team, and a quick-fire finale round. It was close at the top, but eventually Tuxford Academy regained the trophy from last year’s winners East Leake Academy.

The Holgate Academy really held their own, and ended up in 5th place (only a handful of points behind the two teams that tied for 3rd) having answered loads of questions, and being narrowly beaten to the buzzer on several occasions.

A successful day, which only bolstered the team into wanting to win next year – in fact, we’re already preparing! Look out Diverse Academies Quiz 2020; Holgate are ready to take back their crown!