Parent/carer session 4:00pm – 5:30pm

Parents and carer are invited to come along and understand what the students have experienced so we can all work together towards success in the summer exams. We urge you to make this event top of your priority list to support your child through the challenging times ahead.

On the afternoon of 22nd January students will experience a not to be missed highly interactive multisensory learning experience from the ‘Positively Mad’ organisation.

This is a fast paced, high energy, highly interactive workshop designed to improve memory skills, increase self-confidence, understand the importance of reflective practice and regular review, and to prepare for exams.

It provides a heightened sense of aspiration and self-belief and promotes a positive attitude towards learning.

The skills learned in this workshop will improve exam performance.

During the course students will be shown students how to reduce exam-related stress by preparing more efficiently. They will:

  • Be equipped with a range of learning to learn and memory tools and techniques
  • Be shown how to relax when preparing for exams
  • Be encouraged to create an effective learning environment
  • Be shown state-management techniques

The skills learned in Exam Busters are skills for life: study preparation, relaxation, stress reduction, organization, mental & physical health and well-being – as well as BUSTING through revision and exams themselves.