STAFF – The staff support was exceptional, with round the clock encouragement and dedication from all members of staff. I found that the familiarity of the whole sixth form and the current staff helped me greatly as I didn’t need to make effort to build a relationship with brand new staff in most cases, but in the instances I did, the staff were more than kind in building that bond.

FREEDOM – From top of the HSFC to bottom, students and staff worked alongside each other to increase potential and build knowledge ensuring that all students can reach their ultimate goals and dreams. The treatment of students are young adults rather than children really shines are students are allowed access to everything the staff have at their fingertips to help build the skills necessary for a successful exam season.

EXTRA CURRICULARS – Of course though it’s not just about work, the sixth form facilitates several extra-curricular activities that anyone can participate in. During my time there these ranged from Debate Society all to way to a chess club. Not everything may be to your taste but there is always something and if there isn’t see about creating your own club/society! Clubs/ societies help immensely to build your non-academic abilities like confidence, oration and communication skills which you will find very quickly are nothing short of essential to be successful in not only employment but life generally.

SUBJECT SPECIFICS – I took History, Politics, English Literature and sociology in my first year then replacing sociology with an EPQ (extended project qualification) in my second year. One rather unique selling point of the HFSC for me was the Year 13 EPQ which gave me the freedom to choose a topic, extensively research It and create my own dissertation style piece of academic work preparing me for not only Uni but allowing me to build on existing writing abilities as well as improve management skills.

FUTURE FOR ME (LSE) – When it came to choose a university, I was torn massively between some fantastic institutions. However, after extensive help by the staff in researching what was best for me using the Unifrog and UCAS services, I decided that the best choice for me was a university called ‘The London School of Economics and Political Science’ (LSE) known for such specializations. After submitting a comprehensive personal statement I received a place and When it came to results day I needed 3 A’s at A-level and in fact I got 2 A’s and a B but I still got in because of my well written statement and result of an A* in my EPQ. All credit goes to the staff and my friends at HSFC who helped me through so questionable times and tough moments especially my Form Tutor (which you should fully take advantage of having if you decide to go to the HSFC).

FUTURE FOR YOU (WHATEVER A STUDENT WANTS OUT OF LIFE) – Should you choose to go to the HSFC, you will find it a thrilling and challenging environment that rewards hard work whether that b achieving a C or an A, the staff only ask you give your all. This time is so precious so don’t go wasting it, you may read opposing testimonies from other past students, you may find another college is best for you and that’s fine. I am however in no doubt that the HSFC and its staff are committed to the wellbeing of all students who attend no matter their desires. I wish I was back there now younger and more free, so make the most of your time now!