Students at The Holgate Academy in Hucknall, part of the Diverse Academies Learning Partnership, were celebrating this morning as they received their GCSE results.

With the new tougher grading system coming into place this year, many were hoping for top scores of grades 7-9, equivalent to the former A-A* gradings, and high success rates in grade 4 upwards (C and above).

Students weren’t disappointed with some great individual successes. Amy Lovett came away with three 9s, two 8s, three 7s, one 6 and a merit and said she was “ecstatic” with her results. Jacob Alvey also attained superb GCSE’s with three 9s, four 8s, a 6, Distinction and Distinction*.

Grace Allsop received four grade 9s, three grade 8s and a 6.  She said: “It’s such a relief to get these results today.  I just wasn’t sure what to expect but am so delighted that all my hard work and revision has paid off. I hope this will set me up for the future.”

Ben Bonser also got a solid set of results with a grade 9, two 8’s, two 7’s, one 6, two 5’s and a grade 4.  He commented: “I’m absolutely delighted with my results.  It’s been a tough few months but all worth it. I’m looking forward to starting my A levels at Hucknall Sixth Form Centre in September and hope to be a doctor in the future.”

Other successes included Chloe Jenkins (Distinction*, two grade 7s, five 6s), Caitlin Herod (three 7s, four 6s, two 5s, one 4), and Nikki Garnder (six grade 7s, two 6s, merit) and Tia McKeown (two 9s, an A*, four 8s, and a level 2 Distinction*). Shaiann Calliste and Tyrese Gale are to be commended on making most progress in the year group during key stage 4.

Chair of governors, Kate Turner, said: “I am very proud of all the students and staff at Holgate, they have worked extremely hard. I would like to wish good luck to all students with their future plans and we look forward to seeing many of them continuing with us at the Hucknall Sixth Form Centre in September. The whole community should be extremely proud of all our students, they have done well!”

The Holgate Academy Principal, Sue Forsey, added: “This year’s GCSE candidates were the first to sit much more challenging exams under a reformed curriculum.  It has been a tough two years for all schools teaching the new specifications and Holgate staff and students have worked hard to rise to the demands of these more rigorous exams. Congratulations to all our year 11 students who are now moving on to further study or work related learning, many of them securing a place at the Hucknall Sixth Form Centre – we’re very proud of our students.”

Student numbers at Hucknall Sixth Form Centre are growing year-on-year, with the centre having an excellent reputation in the Hucknall community and beyond. The academy invites any students yet to secure a place with a post 16 provider for this September or is considering their post-GCSE options to visit or email for more information.