The national issue of bullying is something that we are focusing on this term. Last week, I delivered an assembly to all year groups to prompt reflection and provide guidance on what constitutes bullying, why it happens and what should be done about it.

We looked at the difference between general fall outs/disagreements, when there has not been a deliberate attempt to cause upset, and instances of bullying, when there has. There is universal agreement that to be labelled a bully is extremely negative and is therefore something that should be avoided at all costs:  so much better to be helpful and friendly in line with our Manners, Determination and Teamwork core values.

Students were again reminded of the need to tell a member of staff as soon as possible if they are ever upset or harmed in any way.  Whilst they can talk to any member of staff, if the situation is not urgent then they should speak to their tutor at their next tutor session (tutor sessions are daily, following period 2).  The member of staff will then take action to mediate between students, holding them to account when there is fault.

On the matter of road safety, and in order that our students can safely enter and exit the Academy site, could I remind parents once again to avoid parking within 500m of the Academy entrance, and preferably to avoid parking on Hillcrest Drive at all.  Cutting down the traffic on Hillcrest Drive will not only improve the safety of our students, but it will also ensure that our neighbours are not affected any more than is absolutely necessary.

As we start the spring term, attention naturally turns to year 11 students and their upcoming exams.  With this in mind, they received their mock exam results yesterday and Mr Lambert, year leader for year 11, delivered an extremely motivating address to them looking at the importance and value of determination over the coming months. Whilst many students are already highly motivated, our focus is to support all of our students to apply themselves with the utmost determination, ensuring that they benefit from the best life opportunities as a result.

We are Holgate!

Mr M Pennington