Dear parents/carers,

On Sunday, I had the privilege to represent the academy at the Hucknall Remembrance Parade and Service. Our students were out in force, with many representing the different strands of cadets, Scouts and St John’s Ambulance amongst other groups.

I asked Holgate student, Alexandra H, to lay the wreath on behalf of the academy. She was wearing her grandad’s medal and her family, who are rooted in military history, continue their connection as leading members of the Hucknall Royal British Legion. With thousands of people from the Hucknall community in attendance, it was an emotional and fitting occasion, honouring the names of those from Hucknall who have given their lives in service of their country. There was particular reference to everyone’s responsibility in peace making, which was very fitting with our expectations of being polite and helping one another, both inside and outside of school time.

Another comment that reflects the culture we are developing at Holgate was that everyone present was expected to participate with following the service and singing the hymns – the key quote being ‘we are not here to watch’.

In reflection of the remembrance events, both at school and in the community, I would like pupils to consider their respect for, and connection with, the community in playing a key role in building the best possible reputation for Holgate Academy, and being the most determined individuals to make family, friends and the community proud.

Mr Pennington