As the spring term progresses, we are continuing our drive to improve attendance across the year groups and are pleased with the improvement we have seen so far. Thank you to all parents/carers for your support in this respect, and we ask that you continue to work with us to ensure that this progress continues.  In order for us to enable your child to reach their potential and achieve their best, they need to be in school. Working together, we will ensure that your child has every opportunity to make the most of their time at the Academy and that they will leave us ready and prepared to enter the next stage of their lives as well-rounded, productive and successful members of society.

Having undertaken a recent review of the extra-curricular opportunities available to students at the Academy, we are very proud to see just how wide the range of enrichment activities is.  From gardening club to rock band, football to trampolining, the clubs and teams offer students the chance to develop skills and interests outside of lessons and, who knows, maybe even uncover a talent they didn’t know they had!

Students can participate in as many clubs and teams as they wish, and all are offered free of charge.  Studies show that participation in after school or lunchtime clubs has many benefits, not least boosting self-confidence, broadening social skills, enriching learning and enhancing academic performance.  It’s also a great way for young people to make new friends with fellow students who share similar interests.  An added bonus, of course, is that the activities are lots of fun. Please encourage your child to take part in at least one of the clubs – you can see what’s on offer for their year group by following this link:

I would like to remind the parents/carers of year 11 students that most faculties also run specific revision and course work clubs for students preparing for exams.  Your child should speak to their subject teachers in this respect and they will be happy to provide more information and support.