As we approach the February half term break at The Holgate Academy, we can look back on many successes and achievements for our students and staff.

Celebrating student success

Mr Lambert and the PE staff have not been deterred by the cold weather, with students representing the academy and excelling at football, Futsal, cross-country, with our inclusive approach meaning that many more students have been involved in other sporting activities. Miss Driscoll and the science department have also made a late challenge for honours with a team representing Holgate in the Regional Lego Robotics Competition.

Staff Principal Awards

Miss Hutchinson and Miss Foster (pictured) are the inaugural recipients of Staff Principal Awards. Their hard work has recently secured Duke of Edinburgh accreditation for the academy, meaning that more of our students will soon be able to enjoy this incredible outdoor based qualification. I am so pleased that we will be able to offer a great opportunity for further personal development for our young people, and this is down to this brilliant piece of work. Well done!

Teaching and Learning

Our Teaching and Learning focus has been firmly based on the creation of long term plans to match aspirations of students knowing more and remembering more. However, our staff have still had time to plan engaging lessons such as finding the surface area of an orange. This inevitably ended up with maths students eating in lessons but benefitting from some immune boosting vitamin C, vital during this cold few weeks!

Our academy values

From a student perspective, this half term has been about setting the three core values of Manners, Determination and Teamwork at the core of all student interactions. This will remain a key focus for students and staff, while I also instil the entitlement of every student and teacher to benefit from these three key philosophies.

Another point of note since my last blog is that Everton Football Club have finally begun to win a few games, which has had a positive correlation with the Manners, Determination and Teamwork on display when students have reported back to me on their Premier League roundups!


To the parents and the governors who have given up time to support the academy in any way since January, I would especially like to thank you for your commitment. To the students and staff, please enjoy the break, and ensure you return to the Holgate after the break fully recharged with the very highest aspirations.

Mr Matt Pennington