This week some of our year 7 students, who have been consistently working hard and showing excellent ‘Manners, Determination and Teamwork’, have enjoyed a trip to ‘The Mill Adventure Base’ at Mansfield.

Here they got to grips with some high ropes and team building activities. They started by attempting to stack milk crates as high as they could, which may sound easy, but when you are top of them this presents its own challenge!

The students worked amazingly as a team, some on top of the crates, some passing up more crates and lastly some holding the safety lines. They built team working and communication skills as they got to 15 crates high before their time limit ended. When the activity ended the towers were toppled and the students were lowered back to safety.

After this they faced a true leap of faith. After climbing the tall tower, students were attached to a safety device and guided to the ledge, where they were encouraged to step off, plunging back to the base.

If the tower looked high from the bottom, it most certainly looked higher from the top, and the staff present said “it was a pleasure to watch the students overcome their fears, gain confidence and support each other as they stepped into the unknown.”