Year 9 Holgate students learned essential life-saving skills today (16 October 2019) as they took part in the British Heart Foundation’s annual campaign, Restart a Heart.

The students were lucky enough to have experts from East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS), Nottinghamshire Fire & Rescue and the NHS at the academy, to teach them basic CPR techniques and how to react should they come across a person who is in cardiac arrest or is unresponsive.

In six sessions throughout the course of the day, the students learned the first responder’s DRS ABC – Danger, Response, Send for Help/Call 999 followed by Airway, Breathing and CPR.  Using mini Annie’s (artificial resuscitation dummies), they then learned how to check a person’s airway and breathing and the basic chest compression technique.

Not all schools in the UK teach basic CPR skills and this is something that the British Heart Foundation and first responders wish to rectify.

Dave Snodin, a Paramedic based at Beechdale, explains why it is critical that this becomes part of the curriculum. He said: “It is really important that children learn CPR skills as early on in life as possible and that this training is repeated yearly. If they come across a person who is unresponsive or unconscious and can help that person before an ambulance crew arrives, they could save a life.”

CEO of East Midlands Ambulance Service, Richard Henderson, visited The Holgate Academy as part of the event, to show his support for how important these sessions are for school children.

Additionally, staff from the wider NHS all gave up their time to help deliver the sessions in the academy, including Anthony Sinclair, EMAS; Dave Snodin, clinical support manager EMAS; Louise England, EMAS research team; Hannah Johnson resus officer; Joshua Ashton resus officer; Berengere Harbus, Nottingham University Hospitals; CM James Coupe, Nottinghamshire Fire & Rescue; Emma Postma; Derek Burnett; and Kelly Christie, EMAS head of patient safety and experience.

Further information on the Restart a Heart campaign can be found at: